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We are a company dedicated to the export of forest products

We export various forest products from the eighth and ninth regions, reaching to prestigious manufacturing clients, mainly in the Asian market.

Vicente López Calvo



Commercialize forest products of renewable origin globally, in a reliable and ethical way with people and the environment, collaborating with a more sustainable world for future generations


To be, for the world, a sustainable and reliable benchmark in the commercialization of Chilean Wood

Organizational values

excellence orientation
responsible autonomy

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Collaborating with a more sustainable world

Wood Supply

Forestal LV is A Company Of Important Timber Producers Oriented To Respond Effectively To The Challenges Of International Trade.

We have more than 30 sawmills in Chile, which meet our sales requirements.

More than 30% corresponds to sawmills with their own forests.

We have an exportable offer of 10,000m3 monthly.

Forestal L.V. has the FSC voluntary certifications.

FORESTAL L.V.’s Corporate Policy is based on the FSC´s requirements of voluntary certifications and Core Labor Rights.

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